EIMCO-K.C.P. Clarifier mechanisms cover all tank sizes and load requirements include beam supported and centre column units, all operating on the common principle of moving settled solids to the tanks centre for removal. Drive heads are designed for minimum power consumption. Heavy-duty gears are provided to keep maintenance costs minimal. Skimming mechanism are available for removing oils and floating solids.


Clarifiers are also available with Suction Type Mechanisms.


Clarifier1 Clarifier3 Clarifier2


EIMCO-KCP Clarifiers for Efficient Sedimentation and Clarification

Circular Clarifier are the most common type of sedimentation basin used for separating suspended solids from liquids in the treatment of water, sewage, and Industrial waste.

Eimco-KCP offers Bridge mounted (B) type and Column Mounted (C) Type Clarifiers mechanism for various applications. These operate on the common principle of moving settled solids to the centre of principle of moving settled solids to the centre of the tank for removal, and differ principally in the method used to support and drive the rotating sludge removal arms.


Eimco KCP Bridge Mounted Mechanism (B)

  • Designed primarily to meet the requirement of smaller units. Clarifier4
  • The type B Clarifier Mechanism is suitable for tanks up to 25 M diameter consisting of parallel beams spanning the tank support, the drive unit, sludge removal arms, and feed  well. In specific applications.
  • It can also be designed for higher diameters.
  • Automatic rake lifting device.




Eimco KCP Column Mounted Mechanism (C)Clarifier5

  • The type C Clarifier mechanism is supported by a centre column that carries the full operating torque.
  • Suitable for tanks up to 65 M diameter.
  • A stationary walkway extending from the side of the tank to the centre column provides access for inspection and maintenance of the drive unit.
  • Automatic rake lifting device.


Skimming Devices – Bridge Mounted / Column Type


  • Clarifier6Skimming Devices for removing floating solids are made for all types of Eimco KCP clarifier mechanisms.
  • These devices consist basically of a rotating skimmer, scum scraper and scum box.
  • Eimco KCP Scum Scrapers are made of sturdy aluminium construction.
  • The resulting lighter weight assures long wiper life and decreased maintenance cost.
  • Two skimmers can be provided on any clarifier mechanism when specified. This eliminates the necessity of counterweights and keeps the water surface considerably cleaner as the clarifier is skimmed twice per revolution.
  • Installation of Eimco-KCP weirs and baffles is also simplified by use of specially designed clamps and a simplified type of anchor bolt attachment to concrete walls.




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